Sample Keyline

So – life is a journey:
a hazardous voyage of dicovery;
and we must negotiate our passage
past adversity and trauma
undaunted like a stream rippled by jagged rocks
on its steady descent to the sea.

But it’s easy to lose heart;
especially when you are caught
in the bewildering limbo
between the death of the old
and the birth of the new.

That’s when we have to remember
Phoenix who rose, time and again,
from the ashes of the past.
Take comfort from the knowledge
that we have bypassed the greatest peril of all:
that of stagnation.

The ancients looked on each crisis as a blessing:
a liberation, the enforced breaking
of new ground.
Favourable to them was anything
that helped our progress
from darkness to light.

There are even those who claim
that extraordinary afflictions
are not the punishment for extraordinary sins
but the trial of extraordinary graces
bestowed on a favoured few.

Looking back, you may well agree
that some of your worst experiences
did in fact carry within them
the seed of something good.

Relish the shadows you leave behind.
They add depth and definition.
For expansion, though, look forward:
into the dazzling new dimension
of the unknown.

You’ll see that there are no endings in life.
Only beginnings.


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