Ann Henning Jocelyn - Body Of Work includes



The Sphere of Light (Ann Henning Jocelyn), Doonreaghan Press, 2019.

Only Our Own (Ann Henning Jocelyn), Oberon Books, 2014.

Doonreagan (Ann Henning Jocelyn), Oberon Books, 2013.

Keylines for Living (Ann Henning Jocelyn), O-Books, 2007.

Keylines (Ann Henning Jocelyn), Doonreaghan Press, 2000.

The Cosmos and You (Ann Henning), Poolbeg Press, 1995.

Honeylove the Bearcub (Ann Henning), Poolbeg Press, 1995.

The Connemara Champion (Ann Henning), Poolbeg Press, 1994.

The Connemara Stallion (Ann Henning), Poolbeg Press, 1991.

The Connemara Whirlwind (Ann Henning), Poolbeg Press, 1990.


Lösenord (Ann Henning) Wahlström & Widstrand, 2001.

Connemarahingsten (Ann Henning) Stabenfeldt, 1995.


Lebenslinien (Ann Henning Jocelyn), Patmos, 2005.

Wirbelwind, der Hengst aus Connemara (Ann Henning), Schneider, 1995.

Das Fohlen aus Connemara (Ann Henning), Schneider, 1994.

Linhas Mestras (Ann Henning Jocelyn) Miosotis, 2005.

L'arbre de vie (Ann Jocelyn) Les Presses du Chatelet, 2006.

Keylines for Living (Ann Henning Jocelyn) The China Machine Press, 2008.

Sleutelworten (Ann Henning Jocelyn) Studio 68 Books, 2012.



Die Gazette, 2019.

The Galway Review 6, 2018

Ted Hughes in Context, 2018

The Galway Review 2, 2014.

The Quiet Quarter, Ten Years of Great Irish Writing, 2009.

SONAS, Celtic Thoughts on Happiness, 2009.

Captivating Brightness, Occasional Press, 2008.

The Clifden Anthology, Clifden Arts Week, 2007.

Divas! , Arlen House, 2005.SONAS, Celtic Thoughts on Happiness, 2009.

The Clifden Anthology, Clifden Arts Week, 2002.

Carpe Diem, Chatto & Windus, 2001.

A Living Word, Townhouse, 2001.


Smile, Sweden, 1972.

Baptism of Fire, Ireland 1997, Pernik, Bulgaria 1999.

The Alternative, Ireland and U.K.,1998.

Becoming the Tree, adapted from the book by Jill Teck, Ireland 1999.

Doonreagan, Cashel 2013, London 2013, Cambridge 2013, Clifden 2015, Galway 2015, Dublin 2015.

Only Our Own, Dublin 2012, London 2014, Eastbourne 2015, Galway 2015, Dublin 2015.

The Sphere of Light, Cambridge, 2017.


The Fair Wind (Den riktige vind) by Cecilie Loveid, Galway, 2000.

And We Shall Never Part (Og Aldri Ska vi Skiljas) by Jon Fosse, Dublin, 2000.

Visits (Besok) by Jon Fosse, London, 2002, London 2010 (Oberon Press 2005).

Time of Darkness (Morkertid) by Henning Mankell, London, 2004.

The Antelopes (Antiloperna) by Henning Mankell, Wiesbaden, 2005, London 2008.

Night on the Run (En framrusande natt) by Martina Montelius, London 2006.

Winter (Vinter) by Jon Fosse, Dublin 2006, Los Angeles 2008 London 2011 (Oberon Press 2005), London 2018.

W - The Truth Beyond (Sanningen Bortom) by Klas Abrahamsson (Music by Fredrik Sixten), Tubingen, Ystad 2016.

Ingvar - a Musical Furniture Saga by Klas Abrahamsson (Music by Eric Gedeon), New York 2018.

The Art of Falling by Sara Stridsberg, Copenhagen 2018.

BOOKS TRANSLATED (as Ann Henning):

Into Swedish:

Some Lie and Some Die by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1976, 1982)

Shake Hands For Ever by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1977, 1982)

The Burial of the Vine by Petry Popescu (Alba, 1977)

The Burden by Mary Westmacott (Askild & Kärnekull, 1978)

No More Dying Then by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1978, 1982, 1988)

Buried Alive by Arnold Bennett (Askild & Kärnekull, 1978)

King Winter by D.K. Findlay (Askild & Kärnekull, 1978)

Murder Being Once Done by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1978, 1982, 1988)

Letters from the Promised Land by H. Arnold Barton (Askild & Kärnekull, 1979)

A Demon in my View by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1978, 1982, 1988)

A Sleeping Life by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1979, 1982)

Tim by Colleen McCullough (Askild & Kärnekull, 1980)

Make Death Love me by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1980, 1982)

I Have Come Here to be Alone by Ingrid Bengis (Norstedts 1980)

My Story by Ingrid Bergman and Alan Burgess (Norstedts 1980)

Man and Maid by Elinor Glyn (Askild & Kärnekull, 1981)

The Way of An Eagle by Ethel M. Dell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1981)

The Lake of Darkness by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1981, 1988)

The Cinderella Complex by Colette Dowling (Bonniers 1982)

The Moneylenders by Anthony Sampson (Wahlström & Widstrand 1982)

29 Herriott Street by John Hutton (Prisma 1982)

Put on by Cunning by Ruth Rendell (Askild & Kärnekull, 1983)

Marnie by Winston Graham (AWE Gebers 1983)

Born of Woman by Wendy Perriam (VIVA! 1985)

A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro (VIVA! 1985)

Sirens by Edwin Mullins (VIVA! 1985)

An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro (VIVA! 1985)

The Innocents by Carolyn Slaughter (VIVA 1988)

Fellow Travellers by Alex Beam (VIVA 1989)

Thorneyhold by Mary Stewart (VIVA 1990)

Death of a Dancer by Jill McGown (VIVA 1990)

A Passionate Man by Joanna Trollope (VIVA 1991)

Into English:

Love’s Gravity by Per Wästberg (Souvenir Press 1977)

19 Red Roses by Torben Nielsen (Collins 1978)

The Silk Road by Jan Myrdal (Pantheon 1979)

Machines by Sigvard Strandh (Nordbok 1980)

Life Among the Poor in Cairo by Unni Wikan (Methuen 1980)

We Shall Return by Ingela Bendt and James Downing (Zed Press 1982)

Discover Sweden by Ingemar Liman (Illustris 1984)

The Luminous Darkness: The Theatre of Jon Fosse by Leif Zern (Oberon Books 2011)


And We Shall Never Part by Jon Fosse (Dublin 2000).

Visits by Jon Fosse (London 2002, Oberon Books 2004)

Winter by Jon Fosse (Dublin 2005, Oberon Press, 2005)

The Antelopes by Henning Mankell (Wiesbaden 2004, London 2008)

Time of Darkness by Henning Mankell (London 2004, Clifden 2005)

Limbo by Margareta Garpe 

Room for Love by Malin Lagerlöf

Austria by Cecilie Loveid

The Fair Wind by Cecilie Loveid (Galway 2004)

The River Horse and Other Horses by Anneli Mäkeli

Night on the Run by Martina Montelius (London 2006)

Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo by Jasenco Salimovic       

Purse Your Lips and Blow by Ulf Stark              

Two Days in Rome by Lene Therese Teigen

Miles by Henning Mankell

Mater Nexus by Lene Therese Teigen

White, Rich, Free by Christina Ouzounidis

The Art of Falling by Sara Stridsberg

Ingvar, A Musical Furniture Saga by Klas Abrahamsson

W - The Truth Beyond by Klas Abrahamsson

Afternoon Encounter by Henning Mankell



Lecture: Ted Hughes and Astrology, Ted Hughes Conference, Sheffield University, 2016.

Lecture: Ted Hughes in Connemara - a little known Irish connection, An Taibhdhearc, Galway, January 2015, and The Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin, 2015.

Lecture: Confessions of a Transnational Playwright, Station House Theatre, Clifden and Trinity College Dublin, January 2015.

Lecture: The Place I Call Home - 25 years as a Swedish immigrant in Ireland (first broadcast, with Irish music, in the SOMMAR series, Swedish Radio, August 2008). Time 45 mins. (90 mins. with music)

Lecture: A New Lease of Life, Royal Irish Academy, June 2007.

Lecture: On Personal Growth, Royal Dublin Society, March 2003.

Lecture: Hans Christian Andersen, Clifden Community Arts Week, September 2005, Time: 45 mins.

Lecture: Cross-cultural Keylines: Observations of two decades of dynamic social development in Ireland (Swedish Language Teachers' National Congress, Skövde, April 2005. Raftery Education Programme, Westport, 2000 - 2005) Time: 90-120 mins.

Lecture: Writing across Frontiers - challenges and obstacles facing a bi-lingual author (Swedish Language Teachers' National Congress, Gothenburg, April 2000). Time: 60 mins.

Workshop: Literary translation - talent or technique? (Swedish Language teachers' National Congress, Gothenburg, April 2000). Time: 60 mins.

Lecture: How you fail as an author - pitfalls to avoid (Scandinavian Book Fair, Gothenburg, Sep 1999) Time: 60 mins.

Reading: Keylines (first broadcast as 'A Living Word', RTE Radio 1, May 1999) Time: adaptable, up to 60 mins.

Lecture: "The cradle we never outgrow" - the importance of my childhood environment (Dalsland Centre, Ed, July 1999). Time: 60 mins.

Lecture: From Dalsland to Connemara - one person's eventful journey through time and space (first broadcast, with music, in the SOMMAR series, Swedish Radio, July 1998). Time: 45 mins. (90 mins. with music)


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